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Mason Bee


InĀ 2016 we will be offering Small Orchard (1-10 acres) and Garden services Mason Bees in Northern Oregon and Southern Washington.

If you areĀ interested, please contact us at: 360-270-1470.

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  1. I ended up with 489 cocoons this year from 29 bees last spring! I am giving some to family members and would like to know how many males to female cocoons should I give out? Also, is there somewhere I can sell the extras?

    • Hi Linda. Nice ratio on your cocoons. I think you’ve also got some wild mason bees that decided to join the ones you put out. They will do that if they like what they see. The male to female ratio in the wild is 6 males to 4 females, so I would advise giving your friends and neighbors at least 20 cocoons with that ratio in mind. Crown Bees usually buys back bees if it’s not too late in the season. Check their website at http://www.crownbees.com. There are other locations, you can Google them by typing “mason bee buy back”. If you are going to sell your bees make sure they are cleaned. Most places will want this, or they will charge for cleaning. You should get about $.20 per bee (the going rate this year). Good luck with all of this, and congratulations!

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